Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pics form april

A few pics from round Yorkshire taken in april. pics taken of the stupid spare bedroom tax, rave in wakey and Goldthorpe street celebration on day of Thatchers funeral. 

"Getting hammered"
"Ryhill WMC"
"Anthony in his back garden with his smashed up static caravan, he used it for scrap money"
"In his back garden he has his own mini scrap yard"
"Anthony with his carrier bag slippers on"
"Ex industrial worker in Doncaster"
"Close up"
"Rosie's front door, she lives in small flat with her 16 year old daughter near Upperthorpe Sheffield and apparently she has too much space"
"Insdie her "Spare" room"
"Ex miner in Goldthorpe celebrating"
"Thatcher the milk snatcher"
"The horse went through the village centre with a effigy on the back"
"Celebrating as it cruises through"
"Wide shot, notice the media van, never seen so much media in Barnsley in my entire life"
"Ex miner sat on the step, the majority of people in Goldthorpe of a certain age are ex miners and the younger people tend to be children of ex miners"
"Cheers as it gets close to the rusty dudley pub"
"Fingering Thatcher"
"Ex miners wife outside the rusty dudley pub"
"Ex miner under his NUM banner"
"The grandchildren of ex miners pull the banner through the streets decimated by Thatcher, Maggie never put anything in place once she shut all the pits round Goldthorpe" 
"Marching to the pyre"
"NUM banners"
"Waiting to burn Thatcher effigy"
"Waiting to burn Thatcher effigy"
"Arse out and firework off"
"Thatcher ready to burn with the word scab"
"Resting on the sofa"

"Ex miner tells people to get back"

"The pyre is lit"
"Ex miner cheers on the fire"
"Up it goes"
"Going out"
"Grandaughter of miner throws bottle at the remains"
"People chatting in the street, was a good community spirit on that day and very little trouble"
"Ex miners wife's celebrating in pub"
"Young lad an his Mrs"
"Grand children of ex miners in Goldthorpe city on steps at back of the rusty dudley"

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