Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Park Hill Estate Sheffield

Heres a few shots i've taken recently of the Park Hill Estate in Sheffield. I will write a more detailed extended caption and individual captions once i complete the project. Heres a brief over view for now:

Park Hill is a huge social housing estate on the fringes of Sheffield city centre. It first opened in 1961 when its "streets in the sky" concept was revolutionary and it was seen as a desirable place to live by many Sheffielders. In the 1980's, due to decimation of local industry, unemployment gripped South Yorkshire and the estate went down hill and gained a reputation for drugs and crime. In 1998 the estate was given grade 2 listing status from english heritage, to much of Sheffield's residents dismay. Private company Urban splash have started a troubled redevelopment of the estate which seen thousands of pounds in tax payers money. Most of the original social occupants have being forced out of there homes to make way for the renovation and privatisation. Today the estate is in a weird limbo, 1/4 is newly renovated, 2/4 are abandoned and the last 1/4 is filled with the original occupants, some of which have been living there 20+ years. This estate is symbolic of how governments looked at social housing during the property boom, but now when the council houses waiting list is longer than ever it seems ridiculous that the most vulnerable people in our society should be forced from their homes to live further out in the suburbs, especially when tax payer money is being spent to renovate to help move the privatisation along.
"Old and the new"
"Dan as his alter ego Tia anna in his bedroom, the map on the wall is a island he made up which features in his current gay thriller book he's writing, many people that still live in park hill sleep on mattresses"
"Dan pulls out his home made guitar in his kitchen, the guitar is made out of a bike wheel some wood and an old guitar neck"
"Dan in his Kitchen"
"Most of the kitchens in Park Hill havent been changed since they were built, therefore they lack basic things like fridges, extractor fans hobs and working ovens"
"The court yard by grace owen nursery"
"Young lads Jay and Joe smoking a joint"
"Richard, originally from newcastle has been living in park hill over 15 years, however he says hel be glad to see the back of it due to anti social behaviour"
"The estate was home to many local pubs, one of which featured on "Britains toughest pubs'"
"Mark in the courtyard"
"Marks kitchen, Mark has been living in park hill for 20 years and says he loves the place"
"Looking at the old and new"
"Olushola has lived in park hill since she was 19 but has lived in different areas of the estate"
"Olushola bring coffee down stairs"
"Olushola smoking a spliff in her living room"

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