Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Yorkshire markets

 Heres a few pictures from a project ive recently started on markets in yorkshire, in town such as Barnsley and Rotherham the markets are one of the only thriving parts of the local economy. Each stall has its unique decoration on most the people that work there are very friendly and full of character and banter. In the modern age most new markets in UK tend to look the same, modern and boring, so i hope to catch the unique look these markets have at the moment before they get a face lift.
"Key cutter Barnsley Market"
 "Making coffee in Barnsley Market"
 "Pheasants for sale Castle Market Sheffield"
 "Hat glove scarfs"
 "Barnsley Market"
 "Meet for sale"
 "Bagging the sweets"
 "What tha tekin photos for?"
 "Hoover Parts"
 "Chatting behind the stalls"
 "Get ya thermals"
 "No fakes"
 "Gaz's laces and insoles"
 "Security doors"
 "Butcher having a break"
 "Beds and amy"
 "Carol Singers"
 "Hard earned pint"
"Broken arm"

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