Wednesday, 19 September 2012

White Rose

Heres a few shots I've taken in yorkshire in the past few months. The start of a big work in progress on yorkshire culture and how the area is changing. The final piece will have proper captions. Most pictures were taken in Barnsley, sheffield, Rotherham and Wakefield.

 "England flag proudly on display at allotments in barnsley centre"
 "Raz having a smoke in bed at his bedsit, Belle vu wakefield"
 "Raz's next door neighbour washes her windows while he smokes shisha on a sunny day, belle vu wakefield"
 "Grand daughter of the old lady in the previous photo looks at some glass down the backs"
 "My nan playing zumba fitness (Left) with her neighbour christine (Mirror)"
 "My grandad drinks a half of real ale in wakefield pub"
 "My nan turns away annoyed at my grandad, Ryhill wakefield"
 "Nan slips in some sleeping tablet into my grandads tea to stop him going out"
"Jord having a smoke in the back garden, Darfield Barnsley"
"Praying in sheffield"
 "Darrell a pigeon fancier in sheffield"
 "Chris, Darrel's brother showing a injured bird, Chris is a police man while Darrell is a Welder"
 "Taunting police at kicking out time barnsley centre"
 "Rough night out Barnsley"
"Pete a motor bike fanatic , poses in his original WW2 outfit."
 "Pete pushes his oldest bike into his house in wakefield"
"Pete sits in his front living room eating his breakfast cereal. Pete lives in normal terrace house in Ryhill Wakefield but has no furniture in his front room because this is where he keeps his seven favourite motorbikes. He keeps his more modern bikes in a shed in the back garden. The bikes in his front room have been collected in over 40 years and have a combined value of almost £100,000. He says they are like his children and are his pride and joy. (Connor Matheson)
"Pete and Michelle"
"pete checking his mail"
"Bike in crocs"
"Doing a trick in the street"
 "Sock on at division street, local character from sheffield"
 "The old man was walking down the street picking up empty beer bottles and finishing off the dregs (he was paralytic) when i took a photo of him the guy next to him thought i was taking a photo of him and went nuts at me, once we chatted and he calmed down he said he was recently in court and the police sent out spies with cameras taking picture of him in the street and he thought i was one of them."
 "Jord in Barnsley, old pic"
 "Castle market"
 "Nan in kitchen"
 "Jord washing his boots"
 "Street pastor outside club in Barnsley"
 "Lovers tiff"
"Lads on wellington street Barnsley"
"Guy claiming to be hurt by bouncer, didn't get much sympathy from the police and ended in the back of that van, Barnsley"
 "Helping him up"
 "Too drunk at Wellington street Barnsley"
"True love in Barnsley"
"Lads outside quasi's metal bar"
 "matysaik and some girls"
"Eating some food in Barnsley"
 "I wonder whats on the tape, sheffield"
 "Arrest after fight in Barnsley kebabby"
  "Arrest after fight in Barnsley kebabby"
 "Arrest after fight in Barnsley kebabby"
"Walking to the next place, Barnsley"
 "Perch on Facebook"
 "Perch on bus"
 "Perch waiting for bus"
 "Time to re think, sheffield"
"Perch rolling a cig feeling wavy"
 "Perch smoking cigar"
 "Rotherham streets"
 "Barnsley streets"
 "Tram sheffield"
 "Flags for jessica ennis, sheffield"
  "Flags for jessica ennis, sheffield"
  "Flags for jessica ennis, sheffield"
"Nice garden furniture on the patio ready for a sunny day, belle vue wakefield"
"French guy i met in wakefield'
 "Same guy on a different day, inside his bedsit"

 "Snooty fox pub, wakefield"
  "Snooty fox pub, wakefield"
Playing pool inside the snooty fox"
"Blind Billy in the Snooty Fox pub, local character in wakefield"
"Outside Billys block of flats/ the snooty fox"
"Royston Barnsley"
"Havercroft Wakefield"
"kids messing about at Havercroft Wakefield"

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