Thursday, 1 March 2012

Raise the Flag Wembly

Yesterday i took photos of and helped lay out the Giant saint George's cross (raise the flag) for the England V Holland match at Wembley stadium. i tried to shoot the whole things as a little photo story telling the story of how it all gets put together. This was a sweet job. Here the pictures:
 "Close up of one of the box's full of all the coloured pieces of card that make up the giant cross, each piece we put on a chair was a folded up version of the one in the picture, either red or white."
 "Box's fell on the floor as they were loaded to be taken into the stadium" 
 "Romanian Girl waiting for the rest of the box's"
 "Planning out the cross and where to put each colour" 
 "Briefing on how to ma out the cross"
 "Opening the box's full of red card"
 "Demonstrating how to attach the flag part, with a rubber band"
 "Sat in the Stadium"
 "Collecting more flag parts"
 "Mapping out the outline"
 "Filling in the colours"
 "Putting elastic bands on his wrist to make the process quicker"
 "Placing the cards"
 "Placing the flag"
 "Putting elastic bands round there wrists"
 "Elastic bands"
 "Maping the cross"
 "Maping the cross"
 "Nearly finished"
 "Nearly finished"
"The end result, shame Holland won 3-2..."

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