Saturday, 4 February 2012


Yesterday one of the assignment i got set for arts london news was to take pictures of the abandoned heygate estate for a news article. when i was there i heard loads of revving and saw all these flairs going off n stuff so went to see what was poppin. Turns out some rap group was making a music video so i took a few shots of them doin there thing. The article i was shooting for was about how heygate has attracted so much creative attention since its been closed down, every time I've been there theres either people doin photo shoots, music videos or sports vids. Heres the shots from the day. more to be put up later once i have time to edit em. I also chatted to guy who still lives in heygate doing some kind of regeneration scheme with all these plants. I'm gonna go back to there house and try get some more info on the situation and hopefully some pictures. despite the way it looks in the photos, everyone i met there was real friendly and happy to chat and everything.

'Near the regeneration scheme at Heygate'
'Rapper Simeon D'wayne with his girlfriend'
'Rapper Simeon D'wayne with his girlfriend'
'Rapper Simeon D'wayne with director of the music video'
'The people that own the motorbikes'
 'Rapper Simeon D'wayne'
 'Motorbikes and flares at heygate'
'Doing a wheelspin on the bike'
 'Sat on the bike'
'Lead singer lottie on the back of the bike'

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