Thursday, 1 December 2011


I went to the strike/protest in central london yesterday and took a few photos. it was a mainly peaceful protest and i got some sweet free food from a nice monk. It kicked off a bit later on at charing cross when the police tried to kettle the protest (Mainly people raving in the street and marching past Trafalga square ) All the youths kicked off because they were being pushed whilst trying to avoid the kettle (Some people got dropped to the floor) but the police were really heavy handed and there were loads of them in riot vans and at police cordons so they could easily push people back and separate them. One of the coppers clobbered me in the face when they were pushing us all away from charing cross station.  Most these pictures were taken at embankment and charing cross

 "Man giving out paper" 
 "Who wants some sweet rice n peas?"
"Street cleaners getting ready to clean street after protest"
 "Chubby V"
"Guy with sign infront of police line"
 "Police boat on the river"
 "oi oi!"
"Police pushing me, cheers"
"Four police piled ontop of a young girl that looks about 16, no idea why they did this"
"Police knocked a young girl to floor
"Girl that was knocked on floor getting up and giving the copper a piece of her mind"
"Screaming at the police while friend hugss her"
"Pushing and shouting at the police line"
"Youths shouting at police"
"Youths raving at police in mini kettle"
"Guy arguing with police officer in line of police"
 "Hugging at the line of police"
 "This guy was doing this solo for a good few hours"
 "People looking from police Cordon"
 "Police corden at trafalga square"
"Intense kettle near piccadilly, some people got inside a building but the police went in hard and kettled everybody for ages"
 "Fedral posing for his headshots" 
 "Old lad looking at protest from the comfort of his local" 

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