Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Street shots round Amman

Heres a few street shot i took out and about Amman. Because my mums boyfriend Rammi is palestinian and has lived in Jordan a long time he took us to all the best places, got us some sweet food and helped us chat to local people n stuff. People were really friendly overall and really open to being photographed, proper different to in London where people are really paranoid and aggressive somteimes. heres the photos:

 "Man riding donkey past Rammis mam and dads house"
 "Petrol guy"
 "Old man"
 "Owner of petrol station, this guy ran out to get his picture taken soon as he saw my camera"
 "Young lad waiting for bus into city centre Amman"
 "Downtown Amman"
 "Guy carrying heavy stuff down central Amman"
 "Guy heating stuff up in local printers"
 "Local arab sat on wall in Amman, My lens is buggered and jammes all time so its blurred"
 "guy putting stuff in bin"
 "Baker bagging bread Downtown Amman"
 "Two men sat in money transfer" 
 "Woman begging in street with two children in the street at central Amman, felt so bad for her and the kids cause you dont know where they go at night"
 "Begging in street Amman"
 "Arcade Downtown Amman"
 "Took a picture of these guy from outside and they said come in and gave us some of there food"
 "Selling Chickens on side of the road"
 "This guy cooked me one sweet lamb Shawarma"
 "This is the Shawarma i should have never ate..."
 "Market Amman"
 "People waiting to buy roasted nuts downtown Amman"
 "Jordan flag in shopping centre, Downtown Amman"
 "Guy who works at coffe shop"
"People looking at the sweet food at "The best falafel place in Jordan" This is one of the oldest restaurant in Jordan and all the kings and prime ministers eat here and they have there pictures on the wall"
 "Porter in small washroom"
 "Showing me the food, it was so good"
 "Downtown Amman at night"
  "Downtown Amman at night"
 "Young lad pulling face at me while were tryna find a parking space"
 "Stalls in downtown Amman"
 "Family at side of road"
 "Old man chilling"
 "A begger with her baby"
 "Women selling cheap cigs, I got told that these cigarettes are really bad for you because they are smuggled in from Iraq and Egypt in dodgey things like fuel canisters so there covered in all kinds of bad stuff"
 "Friendly guy we bought tupplewear boxes off to put the mud we got from the dead sea in"
 "Selling cigs"
 "Man in the street"
 "Old man getting up from tieing his shoelace"
 "Walking down the street"
"View of North Amman from motorway"

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