Saturday, 24 December 2011

Pictures of night out rarnd Barnsley tarn center

Did some christmas shopping yesterday and took mi camera art with me to tek some pictures for uni but ended up going to pub afterwords then getting taxi to barnsley and went out ont tarn. This is the first time i took my camera out with me on a night of drinking and i got some funny pictures of randomers we were chatting to, but its real hard to take well eposed photos when ur pissed. At Quasimotos (Pub in barnsley) one of the bouncers floored this guy who fell asleep at the bar and cracked his head open, i chatted to his mates and he sez i should tek photos as proof. when i started teking photos the bouncer that hit him ran back inside the pub and the other bouncers started asking me what am doing and when i sez am a journalist they banned me from going in the pub! dodgey as but bouncers get away with stuff like that all the time. Heres photos of the night:

 "Jord bought a ridiculous tubular neck scarf from Aldi"
 "Lovely portrait outside Sheffield tap room before we was too drunk"
 "Jord Starting to feel the beers"
 "Dising each other"
 "Jords heal on his shoe broke so he had to tape it all together"
 "Playing about at park hill"
 "Lucy and Jord at top of park hill"
 "Tunnel over train station"
 "Lucy outside money shop"
 "Gonna tek arh lass rarnd bak a quality save for a quick shag"
 "Bumped into Wilson outside opium"
 "Lucy necking her pint"
 "Jord and Barker"
 "Some loverly person threw up in the sink for everyone as an early christmas present"
 "Ell and Lucy outside lacorum"
 "He just doesnt put his heart into it anymore"
 "Barker opening a bottle"
 "Guy we met outside bus station who had too much ketamine and was ina state "IM ALL GOOD!" hes saying"
 "Randomer we met in street"
 "Rusby giving us a smile"
 "Street pastors seeing to the guy who got floored by bouncer (as it seems, i didnt see it happen)" 
 "Helping him up"
 "Damage to his head"
 "On walk home with Pizza"
 "One last stop at 6 fingers kebaby ( its called that cause the guy has six fingers)"
 "Jord passed out with his eyes open, he sleeps like this all time and looks really weird"
"Fast asleep"

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