Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Palestine camp

Rammi took me one morning to the "Palestinian camp" which is lived in by palestinian people some refugees that aren't allowed back into palestine by the Israelis. He said he used to come here all the time when he was younger and had friends that lived there for abit. The place started out as a camp quite a few years ago and has now been built up into a little village where they sell fruit and clothes and all kinds. I was told these people live on there own here and the police don't even come down because the people there hate them and some have guns if they start anything. Loads of little kids were coming up to us taking the piss saying take a photo of that guy hes weird. Most people were friendly and liked being photographed but i had to be real careful who i took photos of especially of woman in the street. the living conditions here seemed pretty poor and recives little money from the goverment. Some people still live in tents outside the village. Heres the photos:
"The Village from the road leading into it"
"Everywhere in the centre has stalls selling really good tasting fruit and veg and stuff for really cheap"
"Young Lads sat in the street with rotting meat on the floor"
 "Man sat by his stall"
 "Butcher in the street with cow heads on the floor"
 "Selling herbs and powders"
 "Young lad stood on stall, looks like hes gonna have a wee but he wasent"
 "Selling chickens in the street"
 "Young lad in street"
 "Woman sat on sofa in street, usualy i don't like pictures with lens flare but on a few of these i think it looks kinda cool"
 "Man walking past"
 "Looking for a bargin"
 "The kids would run up to me asking to be photographed thought it was great"
 "Family in street"
 "Man walking down street"
 "Selling Arabic perfume" 
 "Sitting outside his shop"
 "These kids were funny taking the piss outa people and flocking round the camera"
 "Kids in the street"
 "Lots of the kids work as trolly pushers to help people bring there bags back home"
 "Young kid outside looking at the shoes at cobblers"
 "The cobbler that fixed my mums shoes"
 "Outside a garage"
"People sitting on ruined furniture outside"

More pictures on next page from jordan

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