Wednesday, 21 December 2011

First day in Jordan

Just got back from trip to Jordan for the week to see mi mam and her boyfriend. Theyre renting a flat in Amman at the top of a big mountain. it was quite cold there but we go abit of sun and when we went south to the dead sea it was real warm. Here are my shots from the first day. we met these two young lads about 21 who we went to the big mosque and some other places with, they were proper sound.

 "The view of Amman from my mums flat"
 "The two lads we met"
 "Taxi with plastic all over the seats to keep it clean"
 "Ammans Biggest Mosque" 
 "Ammans Biggest Mosque" 
 "Inside the main bit of the Mosque"
 "Mens praying area"
 "Young lad selling trolly rental"
 "Young lad selling trolly rental"

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