Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Todays pictures round Brixton

Went on a walk round tarn today then walked to Brixton and took some photos at night, the light from all the markets and shops looked cool and there were some funny characters about.
 "Shop keeper at camberwell"
 "Man lookin at stall in brixton"
 "Bag salesman" 
 "Fish monger getting ready to go home"
 "Old man with jamaican jesus tape, he sang a bit of it too me and showed me his tape, he was just cruising brixton and gracing everyone with his boombox"
 "Singing the tape"
 "Lads in phone shop chattin"
 "Chatting to the shopkeeper"
 "Mashed guy roaing streets" 
 "Guys working selling the phone cards"
 "Movin the trolly"
 "guy roaming the streets, i chatted to him for abit but he was a bit preoccupied"
 "Walking through Brixton"
 "On the bus"
 "Mum on busy bus"

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