Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pictures from squat

Me n pat went on a walk last week round West Norwood and we saw the place in the photo below on a road we was walking on, so we hopped over the fence to check it out. when we had a snoop round we realized that someone is definently living there,. After a while a local woman and her daughter shouted at us and we went over and spoke to them. They told us that a lad name pete used to live there and that it was a eco village where people squat on unused land and grow there own vegetables. She told us that he now lives in a squat up the road with a bunch of other people and they all live off what they can get hold of (raiding tesco bins and stuff) and take hallucinogenic drugs and party and stuff . So me and pat were quite interested and wanted to find out more.

We went up the road to the other squat which was some big old run down community building. we hopped the fence and started shouting for this pete guy when some people who lived there walked past and told us to come round the back with them. They let us in side and took us upstairs to see pete.  Pete was in bed when we knocked on his door but he was nice enough to let us chill in his room. we chatted with him for a couple of hours about all kinds of stuff and he was a pretty nice guy though we didnt agree with all the things he said. He talked alot of having a spiritual revelation that made him realise theres more to life than chasing money and conventional dreams. 
"The Eco village from the street"
"The bit the man lives in, made by concrete and bits of plastic and crates found in the street, the bit where im stood is the kitchen."
"A closer view"
"Pat Inside the hut"
"Outside view from the side of the road of the squat"
"Pete sat in his room (i could only take photos inside his room cause all the other squatters were sketched out by us even being there)"
"Petes peter pan tattoo, he said he has droped his old "Slave name" Mark and changed it to his new name peter pan" 
"Love tattooed on his arse, he said this is for when the "pigs" search him and that it will spread the love to them"

All and all the squatters we met seemed pretty nice, i would like to take some more photos in the squat cause it seems quite an interesting place. 

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