Sunday, 27 November 2011

More Pictures round Brixton

Went taking photos round brixton again yesterday, met some funny people, here are ma pictures.
 "guy who helped me persaued bus driver to let me on for free, he was from the "Local negro Gospel church" and said he was looking for a "Healer" 
 "Major attitude" 
 "Begging for change"
 "Guy i chatted to from bangladesh"
 "Woman on stall with lazy eye"
 "Feeling the reggae vibes, this guy was dancing mad to the reggae then just whipped out a bifta and started toking it with his pal"
 "Lighting spliff"
 "Av a bit mate"
 "Oh aye"
 "avin a fag"
 "Incense guy"
"Spare change"

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