Sunday, 27 November 2011

More Pictures round Brixton

Went taking photos round brixton again yesterday, met some funny people, here are ma pictures.
 "guy who helped me persaued bus driver to let me on for free, he was from the "Local negro Gospel church" and said he was looking for a "Healer" 
 "Major attitude" 
 "Begging for change"
 "Guy i chatted to from bangladesh"
 "Woman on stall with lazy eye"
 "Feeling the reggae vibes, this guy was dancing mad to the reggae then just whipped out a bifta and started toking it with his pal"
 "Lighting spliff"
 "Av a bit mate"
 "Oh aye"
 "avin a fag"
 "Incense guy"
"Spare change"

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Todays pictures round Brixton

Went on a walk round tarn today then walked to Brixton and took some photos at night, the light from all the markets and shops looked cool and there were some funny characters about.
 "Shop keeper at camberwell"
 "Man lookin at stall in brixton"
 "Bag salesman" 
 "Fish monger getting ready to go home"
 "Old man with jamaican jesus tape, he sang a bit of it too me and showed me his tape, he was just cruising brixton and gracing everyone with his boombox"
 "Singing the tape"
 "Lads in phone shop chattin"
 "Chatting to the shopkeeper"
 "Mashed guy roaing streets" 
 "Guys working selling the phone cards"
 "Movin the trolly"
 "guy roaming the streets, i chatted to him for abit but he was a bit preoccupied"
 "Walking through Brixton"
 "On the bus"
 "Mum on busy bus"

Monday, 21 November 2011

street photos round London

LI just got the internet so now ma chance to update the blog! Heres some street shots taken round london in last month or so.
 "Jewish tourists with plastic bags on there heads to cover there hats."
 "Old couple eating ice cream at Leicester square" 
 "Homless guy on fleet street"
"Drunken polish guys at Trafalga square. I nearly got beat up taking this photo because the man stood up ran up to me pushed me then a realy realy drunk guy whos out of the frame came up with another guy and tried to punch me and the guy that original pushed me was holding him back, they were all screaming at me in polish, so i walked on pretty fast"
 "Group a lads at brixton"
 "Girl with abit of paint on her coat after student protest"
 "Old lady confused with the trafic lights at Leicester square"
 "holding a snadwich weird at china town"
 "Sweet busker band at embankment bridge, theese guys are the best"
 "Street cleaner at Westminster"
 "Man at peckham"
 "Group of lads on the old kent road"
 "Man stood in doorway of sketchy house in peckham"
 "Man walking on wall in peckham"
 "Old homeless guy at waterloo, this guy allways chills here i see him all the time so this time i decided to chat to him and see whats gwanin"
 "Guy smacked outa his face in brixton, i think the woman is some kind of community worker or drugs councilor"
 "kids and old man in/ near bow"
 "Guy crouching in china town"
 "Busy man at china town"
 "Shop keeper at Camberwell"
 "Pakistani christian shop keeper at camberwell, he told me his name but i couldnt pronounce it properly"
 "Man i met on the way to peckham at a market, talked to him about southwark and pubs"
 "Taxi driver in Brixton"
 "Woman waiting for a bus in camberwell road"
 "Old lady in peckham"
 "Coffee shop in peckham"
"Man in a van in peckham"