Saturday, 24 September 2011

Street shots rarn Barnsley Wakefield and Sheffield

Heres a few photos i took out and about where i live.

 "Builder eye ballin with his milk"
"Raz n Chris in barnsley"
 "Girl with broken arm at market"
 "A man at the flower stall at the moor"
 "Somboday getting nicked"
"Woman chilling with her bags"
 "Woman at a clothes stall"
 "Readin the mirror and selling stuff, this guy shooed me away"
 "Sellin the star"
 "True Love"
 "Browsing for bargins"
 "Cheap garms"
 "Chillin with the birds"
 "giving somone the evils"
 "Sellin the star again"
 "Raz as soon as he woke up haha"
 "Raz on the phone"
 "Raz on the phone angry"
 "Raz's street at Bell vu wakefield"
 "Bell vu"
"Bell vu"

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