Saturday, 17 September 2011

photos of random people in the street from the summer

Here are a few street shots of randomers i took over the summer. most of these are from my family holiday to america and were taken in either Sanfransisco or Las Vegas though one or two were taken in rotherham! 

"Getting some snap in china town"
 "A tramp pushing his trolly"
 "Woman on the bus"
 "Man at work"
 "Sanfransisco at night"
 "China town, selling veg"
 "Young lad and his mam or grandma" 
 "Advert for ganja on the bus"
"Man chilling next to a paper
 "Micheal D oaks having a BBQ. i met this man at a petrol station in the middle of no-wear on the way to sequia national park. he was having the BBQ/ bake sale/ car wash in order to raise money to pay for his daughters funeral. she recently died in a car crash"  
 "Waitress in peggy sues" 
 "A rather rotund gentleman in peggy sues" 
 "Man cleaning his teath with tooth pick at peggy sues"
 "Spanish man giving out leaflets for prostitutes in vegas"
 "About to win BIG"
 "Getting a tattoo in the street"
 "Man with brolly"
 "Old man chilling"
 "Aggressive elvis. this man got mad cause i refused to pay him for the picture and cause i took it without telling him"
 "fella on the bus"
 "I wonder whats in the bag"
"Big shots on the phone"
 "Giving somone a dirty look"
 "Chatting about the service"
 "Bouncer guarding door to strip club"
"Giving the doors of his comic book shop a good clean"
 "He got some big balls!"
 "Getting married in the venitian" 
 "Tarn market"
 "Operator of the coit tower lift"
 "Young'n on the tram"
 "The burger king king!"
 "This kid REALY wanted to dance"
 "Abit confused"
 "Homeless lady and her trolly"
 "Sanfransisco at day time"
 "Man sorting out bike in sanfransisco"
 "Passed out in the street"
"Man chilling with a fag"

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  1. These are some sick photos mate, i especially lik the one of the baby on the trains x