Sunday, 17 July 2011

GOT THE 5D back!

So i finally got my beautiful 5D back off the police (After a long 4 month wait and they still ant given my clothes, phone and bag back yet!) and the few pictures i took at the TUC protest in March that were on the camera. When i looked at the pictures data i found out i was only in the bank for just under 50 seconds! which caused 4 months of no camera, 9 hours in the cell while i was suposed to be at work and my DNA to be on the police data base what a laugh! at least there not pressing charges though. Heres the shots!
"Protesters walking under waterloo bridge, there was a hell of alot of em" 
 "Police at regents street"
 "Anarchists marching near oxford street"
 "Anarchists near Oxford street"
 "Phone shop workers looking at the anarchists marching by"
 "Fedrals lurking outside topshop, ill be seeing you guys later"
 "Anarchists smashing the HSBC bank at Soho"
 "guy throwing rock at HSBC"
 "guy throwing rock at HSBC"
 "Anarchist at HSBC"
 "anarchist at HSBC"
 "Just after they broke in the bank, at the entrance of HSBC"
 "Taken inside HSBC as we went in"
 "Taken inside HSBC as we went in"
 "Anarchist smashing cash machine inside HSBC"
 "Uh oh"
"Me being arrested"

Last street shots in London

I just moved back to sunny Rotherham for the summer so heres the last shots  i took out n about london!
 "Omar walking down some steps outside estate at Edgware raod"
 "Couple on the tube"
 "Papa G the DJ, a guy i met takin photos near Covent Garden"
 "My mate Alie at waterloo"
 "Guy sleeping in his taxi near saint Pauls"
 "Girl ready for night on tarn near covent Garden"
 "Chilling on a cig break"
 "guy knackered after workin
 "I wonder how he broke his arm"
"Hello boobies!"