Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Royal Wedding

Photographing the Royal wedding was real challenge because it was so busy and most the time people weren't doing too much. However it was still fun because it felt real British and it was good to take funny photos. Because i didn't want to wait 2 days outside the abby to get a photo of the Royals i went to Trafalga square and roamed all round central till i got to Buckingham palace then i left when my memory card was fun and i was bored. Here are my shots! 

 'Cape flag woman at Trafalga Square'
  'People waving flags at Trafalga Square'
  'man looking back at Trafalga Square'
  'Crowd of people at Trafalga Square'
  'old man looking proud'
  'Sportin his flag at Trafalga Square'
  'Woman chillin on a bin with her child and lots of flags at Trafalga Square'
  'Even KFC are getting with it at Leicster Square'
  'young lad trying to sleep on a bin at Trafalga Square'
 'The thumbs up from a randomer at Buckingham Palace'

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