Sunday, 26 June 2011

More street shots from London!

Heres a few random street shots from out and about london! some of the focusing is wrong on some of the shots, im still tryna get the hang of hyper-focal distances, i think taking pictures of randomers is a good way to practice it.

 "Man getting some ice cream for his kids at southbank"
 "Man playing classical bangers at Tate modern"
 "Scruffy guy catchin a few Z's outside a cafe near the post office tower, i really wanna know what he wrote down on his note book"
 "Old man chilling outside a cafe near Soho, this is a funny picture see if you can spot why, youll probably have to view it big"
 "A romantic meal i disturbed in central London near Soho"
 "guy pretending to be a dog at covernt garden, somone on the third year of my course did a photo story on this guy and he lives in a huge house!! i bet hes earning P!"
 "Theres something horribly wrong with this photo, taken at Trafalga Square" 
 "People camping at trafalga square in protest of the recent cuts"
 "Old man drinking tea at Brick Lane"
 "Oxford street, this isnt a stand out picture but i like the long shadows and lighting"
 "Guy stood next to some shutters near Brick Lane"
 "Woman crossing road near Bethnal Green"
 "Man stood with his big dog near Bethnal Green"
 "Man pushing trolly full of food at Brick Lane"
 "Estate near Bank"
 "Woman talking business on the phone"
"Some guy telling me to stop taking photos at Brick Lane, they were filming a scene for a film"

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