Friday, 10 June 2011

Street shots

Ive decided to make a blog of my photos from being out and about. The first post is a mixture of street shots from around Barnsley, London, wakefield and sheffield.
 'My mate stood next to a car park in sheffield'
'Nan's next-door neighbors back garden' 
 'shut down shops in rotherham'
 'Barnsley centre'
 'Guy chillin on step Charing Cross'
 'shut down shop in Leeds'
 'Door to shut down club in Leeds'
 'Irish Hippys camping on top of petrol station in elephant and castle'
 'Woman next to cash machine Charing cross'
 'Flats at Southwark'
 'Road near London Bridge'
  'Road near London Bridge'
  'Kid sat on jubilee line'
   'hot mamma giving me the eye at sheffield highstreet'
  'guy on esculators at tate modern'
  'man reading with his face really close to the magazine at embankment'
  'steps at southbank'
  'Shop in china town'
  'A lovely smile at Trafalga Square'
  'man in office at Soho'
  'Woman looking at me funny'
  'guy on the phone at Covent Garden'

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