Sunday, 26 June 2011

Funny Pictures from halls

I just had a flick through recent pictures from my uni halls and theres some funny ones so i thought id upload em. most of them are of poor quality cause i was real drunk when i took em but ah well.
 "This is when we flooded our kitchen cause we had a water fight, you cant really see the water but it was at least 3 inches deep"
 "My mate pat stood in the kitchen pissed up, the yellow stuff is chilli powder"
 "This is funny cause the guy who did this stole everyones food from near by kitchens put what was left in the granny basket, pissed in it then threw it down the fire escape - the stupid shit you do when your pissed up"
 "My mate Sultan blowing smoke ring"
 "Omar took these pictures of me playing guitar, i put em up cause they look cool with the light painting"
 "Omar took these pictures of me playing guitar, i put em up cause they look cool with the light painting" 
 "This is my mate mike, hes the messyest guy on earth when he gets drunk, here he got chilli powder in is eye so he got lilly to throw flour and milk at him to stop it from hurting, then he was hungry so he ate some rice. earlyer that night he thought he broke his foot smashing something on a wall so he was screaming in pain while i was taking these pics. look at the weird crust by his eye!"
  "This is when he got in the shower to try clean himself up - oh dear."
  "This one is the funniest cause he looks like a child thats just got out the bath"
 "these two weren't taken at halls but had to be uploaded, this is mate carl after one too many beers"
"My mate Carl making a mess outside my house after a night out round sheffield, my mum went mad because of the mess outside"
"Heres a physiogram (i think there called that) i did a while ago. to do this you attach a torch to a piece of string then attach the string to ceiling of a dark room so the torch is dangling down. then you set the longest shutter speed you can point the camera up and spin the torch and you get these cool lines. i put the lens cap on 3/4 of the way through the exposure to get the black hole in the middle"

I have a lot more funny pictures from halls on my hard drive so i think i may take a proper look through and try make a funny set. keep checking for updates!!!!

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