Sunday, 26 June 2011

Famous people in London

For a uni assignment we had to do door stepping (taking pictures of people in places where you have to wait outside) so i tried abit of pappin the celebrities at the BIFA's, it was real fun running round tryna get pictures of people but i had a bit of trouble because i didn't know many of the famous people so my photographer friend Omar had to tell me who most of the people were. we also tried door stepping court cases, press conferences and some other things. Heres my shots!
 "I Forgot whos in this picture but im sure someone in it is famous, taken at the BIFA's"
 "Boris Chatting at the peoples question time"
 "Boris at the peoples question time, the guy behind him is rolling his eyes cause Boris was chatting some rubbish about public sector cuts"
 "Asha B from SO SOLID CRU! at the BIFA's"
 "Im not sure who these are too, let me know if you know any of these peeps and ill update my blog" 
 "Colin firth outside the BIFA's, he won best actor for his roll in the kings speech (which i didn't think was that good a film, just goes to show if you wanna win acting awards - play a disabled person)"
 "Martin Freeman from the UK office signing autographs at the BIFA's"
 "Helena Bonham Carter outside the BIFA's (she was really miserable that day)"
 "George Galloway former leader of the Respect party giving a speech in support of the Arab uprising in High Holborn"
 "Keanu Reeves outside the FOX building, Omar saw him while we was on a big long walk and i didn't believe it was him at first but it turned out it was. Reeves wasn't too happy to see us and if you look real close he has a black eye, if it was a better exposure i coulda sold it to some swag magazine like heat"
"This is Edward Woollard the guy who threw the fire extinguisher off the top of the Millbank Building during the first fees protest going into westminster magistrates with his mum. All the press photographers were going mad swarming him and one of them got in a scuffle with a fed. This was one of the maddest days ive had whilest at uni. at the end of the day i was walking home from being kettled by the police and saw myself on the front page of the evening standard which was lying on the floor. check the link, im the guy in the orange tryna get a picture."

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